Wednesday, May 23, 2007

With this weeks Download

I was asked on how to download this and what program I use to do a Layout. I use Adobe Photo Shop Elements 5 but before getting this program I used a free program (that my Mother introduced me to) and that wonderful program/software you can get it at Very user friendly and for the beginners that are just getting into digital scrap booking and not for sure what program to use or not enough money at the moment, this is a wonderful program to get your feet wet with digital Scrap booking.

As for Downloading, I have a folder in my documents that I named digital Scrap Booking downloads and then in that folder I have different sub-folders for each designer/site that I get my downloads that way I can give credit to them and not have to search everywhere for who or where I got it from. I save as is in that folder and then I unzip the file.

I went back and downloaded this weeks kit as well and everything downloaded fine, I just clicked on download now, then clicked to save as and save to the folder I have set up for it, everything downloaded fine and unzipped fine.

I don't know if this helped, please let me know if it didn't and I will see what I can find out for anyone that needs it.

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