Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Not much to Post

Today just that I have a Dr. appointment here in a little while and the kids are off to school, spring break is finally over, woo woo, I love my kids but sometimes I need a break and that is the good thing about school, they learn and I get a break until they get home. By the time school is out for the day I am ready for them to get home.

Tomorrow I have a job interview, been a SAHM for just over 6 yrs now, and let me tell you I am sooooooo ready to get back out there in the real world. All I really know now a days is kids, cleaning, and kids. If it wasn't for scrapbooking and card making I wouldn't know anything but kids and cleaning. Thank goodness I found this pass time, and really love it.

Well I got to go get ready for my Dr.'s appointment will be back later today to post a new card I made. Until then Happy Scrappin`


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