Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Been a While

Since I posted last. I haven't done much as of late, got to meet some of my online friends which was wonderful, can't wait to get together with them again. I can't believe I was so nervous about meeting them. They were awesome, so nice, like I said can't wait to get together once again.

I have a couple of cards to post, should have posted them a while ago but didn't, I procrastinate on everything it seems like. That is one of my goals is to stop waiting to the last minute or even waiting for that minute to pass to get things done that need to get done. Drives me nuts that I do that, lol.

This one was done for Vivienne Holden' s Mom you can go check out all the other cards that were made for Vivienne's mom over at Crafting Haven. Such beautiful cards.

this was the inside of the card

this is a card that Kodie and I did for his teacher and there was a picture of Mrs. Varner and Kodie in it.

Well I hope that I will be posting again soon with more pictures of cards and other things. I hope that I can get some LO's done also.


Viv said...

Hi Tammy! I just popped over to tel lyou I'd put her cards on my blog, but you've beaten me to it!
There you go!! You're ahead of the game already! LOL
What do you think of Mum? Not bad for 90 is she?
Thank you once again for your fabulous card which will be treasured Tammy.
Viv xxx

mommaidwf said...

Great cards Tammy!

The Country Rose said...

Gosh Tammy, those are so cute! I just love them both!