Friday, August 14, 2009

Diaper Cake and Onsie invites

Nothing fancy smancy here just thought I would give my hand at making one and this will be the last one I ever make, I did alright I thought until I got to the very top and the darn diapers did not want to cooperate with me at all. My Sister in law and Brother loved it. I uses over 200 diapers on this cake, told them that that was all they where getting from my house-hold. They didn't mind because diapers aren't cheep and it helps them out for a little while with the diapers. Which I am glad they understood that they wasn't getting much other then the baby show party from me and the diaper cake. Sometimes I think I got the greatest siblings. So understanding on things.
The rag doll on the very top was made by a good friend of mine Jennie. Didn't want to take credit for something I did not do. Thanks Jennie they loved it.

This is the invitations that I made for the baby shower they all turned out cute. I got the Cricut cut file from Jen over at {Brain Things....}. A big thank you to her for sharing this cut file. Everyone just thought they where soooooo cute.


The Country Rose said...

How adorable! You did a great job Tammy!

mommaidwf said...

Those are cute Tammy! I can't believe that diaper cake is so many diapers!!! I know that cost a bit!

e diaper cake said...

Your diaper cake is adorable.