Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Good Morning

I haven't been feeling to good since I gotten sick almost 2 wks ago. Oh I don't like feeling bad at all. I have been wondering though if maybe it is my nerves are making me sick now since my First Doctor visit is coming up for the Gastric bypass that I am wanting done. The first appointment is Feb 11th and I am kind of nervous. Then I think this is just the first visit what do I have to be nervous about right, well I am because this is a big decision for me and a big life change as well. I still have to do more research mainly for healthier recipes. I know there will be a lot of stuff I won't like and the stuff I do like I think I will make a recipe book for myself to refer back to when I need to, because I know that with trying different foods to see what my taste buds would like and handle will be a challenge to keep it all in my head, and my brain only holds so much at the moment, lol. If I don't write it down I forget about it anymore.
Well I got to get my kids off to school, will take pictures of some stuff I had gotten the other day and post them sometime today or tomorrow.

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