Monday, January 24, 2011

Here it is 5 AM

and still awake, man am I tired. The bug is going around in my house starting with my Daughter, then it hit me Friday and Saturday and still feeling it. Danny didn't help me out much with bugging me all the time and letting his nieces and brother constantly coming into our room watching TV, playing on the computer in our room and then letting the kids be loud the whole time I had a fever and in bed trying to get some rest, oh did I want to knock him up side the head, but felt to weak to do it and am still feeling the aches from being sick. (Why can't we bounce back like kids do?) Well anyways what topped it all off was when he said "I don't like it when you are sick" Boy did that top it all off (I have a short fuse at the best of times) I told him "Why because that I can't take care of you while you become sick" I even told him I didn't understand why he even cared if I was sick or not because he won't get up out of bed and then wake kids up so they can get ready and then take them to school he stays in bed until it is time to go get them and then he will ride with me and if he gets up sooner then that is when he wants to go have breakfast. I swear MEN are BIG BABIES when they are sick. Well anyways back to the reason I have been up is because not only does Danny have it (wish I had an air horn about now LOL) but our Son Kodie who is 7yrs old is sick he moaned and groaned all night between him and my coughing fits I could not get any sleep and I guess I will have to call off my Dr's appointment this morning and get another date because with Danny being sick there is no way he would be able to take care of Kodie. Go figure it would happen this way oh well there is always a bright side of things and right know I don't see it lol, hopefully soon though.

I know I sound like a whine baby but there has been a time or two I had to call my ex-mother inlaw to help me take care of the kids because I was so sick, (of course he can't cook so he is no help in that department either), now that is sad very, very sad if you ask me.

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