Thursday, November 26, 2009

Just wanted to Wish

Every one a Wonderful and Happy Thanksgiving, be safe in what ever you do today.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

What has been going on

I haven't had any mojo going through my veins as of late so I haven't made a card for a little while and a LO in a very long time. My nose has been stuck in books. I am reading all my Stephanie Plum series once again. I got every 1 off those books and this isn't the first time I have read them I have read most of those books at least 3 times. I have every book that Janet Evanovich has written except 1 and I am still looking for that. I just hope that I get my mojo back soon because I got all of Nora Roberts/JD Rob (and let me tell you there is over 100 of those books combined) and I am thinking about reading those again, lol. When I start reading I have a very hard time putting the book down until it is done. I don't know if others have this problem but I know I do and sometimes it drives me batties. I got other books too, like The Twilight Saga and The Host and James Patterson's woman's murder club books and some of his other books not all of his books as of yet but getting there. I am going to have to take a picture of my all my books and do a LO on them. Well I hope things get back on track soon for me.

Have a nice day everyone hope to be back soon with mojo running through my veins once again.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Kodie and Dina won

Both my kids won a ribbon at the fair this year.
2nd place

1st Place


1st Place

1st Place

So proud of them. Kodie he did a victory dance it was soooooo cute only if I had my camera with me at the Dr's office when we got the phone call darn. Dina was like cool (she has won before so it is nothing to new for her, lol)

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Cool Blog Candy/Give away

Creating from the Heart {Keepsakes by Mellisa} is having a very cool give away. Hope on over there to check it. Don't forget to check out the rest of her blog, her work is very pretty.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Kodie and his Post Cards

I want to thank everyone that sent him a post card for him to enter into the fair this year. He loved everyone of them. They had to be turned in yesterday and now the judging will begin. The judging happens before the fair that way who ever wins the ribbons will also be on display during the fair. I will find out if he won before the fair even starts because his sisters Great Grandmother will be working there again this year. At least I hope she will tell us if they win. Will have to wait and find out.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Diaper Cake and Onsie invites

Nothing fancy smancy here just thought I would give my hand at making one and this will be the last one I ever make, I did alright I thought until I got to the very top and the darn diapers did not want to cooperate with me at all. My Sister in law and Brother loved it. I uses over 200 diapers on this cake, told them that that was all they where getting from my house-hold. They didn't mind because diapers aren't cheep and it helps them out for a little while with the diapers. Which I am glad they understood that they wasn't getting much other then the baby show party from me and the diaper cake. Sometimes I think I got the greatest siblings. So understanding on things.
The rag doll on the very top was made by a good friend of mine Jennie. Didn't want to take credit for something I did not do. Thanks Jennie they loved it.

This is the invitations that I made for the baby shower they all turned out cute. I got the Cricut cut file from Jen over at {Brain Things....}. A big thank you to her for sharing this cut file. Everyone just thought they where soooooo cute.

Monday, August 10, 2009

So Sorry

That I have been MIA for a while now. Had a baby shower to throw and I know people do it all the time. This was my first one ever that I threw and I don't think I will do it again, lol. I decided to make everything myself, so needless to say I wasted so much paper because I kept messing up. I had to back off of the project for a little while and come back to it because the madder I got because it wasn't going right the worse I did, lol. I didn't take pictures of the game prizes because I did not want to ever see them again but now I wished I did take them. Oh well I will more then likely make a couple of them again because everyone fought over a couple of them, lol.
Well I will post the innovation pics and the diaper cake I did (which I won't do again)later. Company is coming.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Happy 4th Of July

just wanted to wish everyone a Happy 4th of July today. Hope everyone a safe and wonderful day. Also a dry day, here it is raining pretty good. Oh well it always happens it seems like here on 4th.

Monday, June 29, 2009

Another Card

I did this card for a Challenge at PaperScraps I really had fun making this card, (even though I don't like using the color wheel, I did in this case, LOL) which is for my sister-in-law who is expecting I will give this to her when the baby is born, (she is having a girl). I used Stretch your Imagination for the baby stroller. Can't remember the name of the paper or ribbon or even the brads, LOL, the stamp is from TAC.

I will be posting some more cards very soon and don't forget to check out my Birthday blog, I posted a new card today as well on there.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Been a While

Since I posted last. I haven't done much as of late, got to meet some of my online friends which was wonderful, can't wait to get together with them again. I can't believe I was so nervous about meeting them. They were awesome, so nice, like I said can't wait to get together once again.

I have a couple of cards to post, should have posted them a while ago but didn't, I procrastinate on everything it seems like. That is one of my goals is to stop waiting to the last minute or even waiting for that minute to pass to get things done that need to get done. Drives me nuts that I do that, lol.

This one was done for Vivienne Holden' s Mom you can go check out all the other cards that were made for Vivienne's mom over at Crafting Haven. Such beautiful cards.

this was the inside of the card

this is a card that Kodie and I did for his teacher and there was a picture of Mrs. Varner and Kodie in it.

Well I hope that I will be posting again soon with more pictures of cards and other things. I hope that I can get some LO's done also.

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Just got a call

From my sister this morning to tell me that one of our friends, Becky Eliot, got killed last night by a drunk driver. She is leaving 3 kids behind 1 boy and 2 girls. Her children are cousins of mine. My daughter is the same age as her middle daughter and her youngest is around the same age as my youngest. Her middle daughter and my daughter where in the same grade and always in the same class until we moved to West Virgina. She was younger then me (this will be my 7th anniversary of turning 30 this year) so sad that she had to leave us at such an early age due to a drunk driver.

Becky was one of the sweetest people I knew and she will be missed dearly. It was always nice to see her when I went to pick up mart (gas station at Karnak Y, in southern IL) she always had a smile on her face and I don't think I ever seen her mad at anyone or even say anything bad about anyone.

Please say a prayer for her family that she so suddenly left behind.

Becky you will be so dearly missed by your family and friends. We love you and will miss you dear friend of mine.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

My Son

Gave the card I made away before I could take a picture of it to post. So I have to make another one but you know it won't be the same. I love my son to pieces but he thinks that every card I make is his and he can do anything he wants to with it. Sometimes I don't have time to do anything with them, he over runs my cards. I am so glad he likes them but still I wish he would leave them alone and make is own, I even make extra cuts and stamp extra stuff for him that way he can make a card himself but 90% of the time he won't make one he has to have mine, he is just toooooo funny. 6 yrs old and so full of himself it isn't funny. Oh well I will just have to make my cards when he isn't here and hide them when he is, LOL.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Got some new Cartridges

for my cricut yesterday. Stretch your Imagination and Home Accents. A total of 16 cartridges so far. Can't wait to use them. It seems like I got more font cartridges then anything else. So I have decided to stop buying cartridges with fonts, unless they have shapes as well on there as well and it is something that I want really bad enough, lol. I know there are people out there that have more then what I have, but I am very picky with what I get and I have to see the cart. in action before I decide to get that one cartridge, so it is mainly old hat for others. I have gotten a few that I never seen in action before but I did not pick them out, Danny, my other half picked them out saying that I need that one. Which he is a sweetheart for always buying me what I want.

Enough rattling for now going to go play with my carts. LOL

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day

Hope you all have a wonderful day to day. Not much else to post yet today very boring life I have sometimes, lol. Well enjoy your day Big Hugs to all you mohters out there.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Mother's Day Cards

I have been working on some Mother's Cards this weekend. Nothing fancy but everyone that I gave them to loved them. I still have one to give and three to make. I like giving Mother's Day cards out to my sisters and other Mothers that I know. I believe in celebrating Mother's Day together with all Mother's. I don't see why just the kids in our lives are the only ones that has to give the cards out.

This one was for our neighbor, my kids love her and her husband such sweet people. She just a beautiful baby girl in Feb. and thought it would be nice to give a Mother's Day card as well.
(Thanks JenC. for the .cut file)

This one is for Danny's Mom and done also for the BBTB challenge. I really hope she likes it. She is the one of the ones I still have to give a card to.

This one is for my Aunt and she loved this one also.
(Thank you JenC. for the .cut file)

This one is for my ex mother inlaw. She loved it also.
(Again Thank you so much for the .cut file JenC. )

inside of card

This one is my own Mother's card and boy did she love it. I really love seeing her face when I make a card for her she is almost like a kid in a candy store.
(Thanks goes out to ScrappedLives Bouquet .cut file)

This went to my SIL for her first Mother's day even though she is still prego (man is this baby ever going to get here) I thought she needed one as well and she thought it was so sweet and really pretty. I am so glad she liked it also.
(Thanks go out to JenC. as well for this .cut file I really love these ladies they are sooooo cute.)

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

You Have To

Check this site out she doing a blog candy and it is a $100 gift card or gift certificate your chose if you win.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

"Imagine That" formerly known as

Everything Cricut. She has Free Blog Backgrounds, help with Design Studio, and over 40 blogs listing that have free cut files, and scal. This is a wonderful site to visit and see want is happening. Just click on the title to head over there now.

Friday, April 24, 2009

New Stamp & HM challenge

for me. A HM stamp, Singing In The Rain, I got it a Hobby Lobby, just love it. There is quite a few I want there but have to get them slowly. I wish they had more of a selection of Penny Black though. I know have 3 Penny Black's stamps and 4 HMs stamps. Danny got me 2 of the HMs and 2 Penny Blacks. I really can't wait to get some more. They are just to darn cute. Here is a card I made with Singing in the Rain.


Paper- DCVW The Luxury Stack, wal mart brand (brown paper)
Stamp- House of Mouse Singing in the rain
color- Color pencils
sparkle- Stickles Crystal
Distressing- Versa Magic Aloe Vera
Scallop edge- Fiskars

Sunday, April 19, 2009


Got the pictures taken of the cards that I made, I used the sketches from SCS didn't get them done in time to post for this though, Oh well I am always late for something. LOL. The 3rd card is on my Birthday Blog for that one I just used the colors more or less. I don't have copic markers as of yet so I used water color pencils to color my images. The Stamp for these 2 are from TAC, the paper is from Wal Mart (sorry don't know the name brand, ribbon is from JoAnn's and the brads are from Hobby Lobby. TFS

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Not much to Post

Today just that I have a Dr. appointment here in a little while and the kids are off to school, spring break is finally over, woo woo, I love my kids but sometimes I need a break and that is the good thing about school, they learn and I get a break until they get home. By the time school is out for the day I am ready for them to get home.

Tomorrow I have a job interview, been a SAHM for just over 6 yrs now, and let me tell you I am sooooooo ready to get back out there in the real world. All I really know now a days is kids, cleaning, and kids. If it wasn't for scrapbooking and card making I wouldn't know anything but kids and cleaning. Thank goodness I found this pass time, and really love it.

Well I got to go get ready for my Dr.'s appointment will be back later today to post a new card I made. Until then Happy Scrappin`


Saturday, April 4, 2009

More Blog Candy (wow)

Melissa has a wonderful blog candy going on. She is giving away a cuttlebug. Jump on over and check out her sight and leave a comment. She does some beautiful work. If I had to choose my favorite thing on her blog I would have to say the Dancing in the Rain card (I just love those House-Mouse stamps, so cute) and I really like the Easter center piece and sooooo much more. Go check her blog out.

I got to say I am so thrilled to be back on the Internet. I don't remember them having blog candy when I was surfing the web about a year ago but hey I probably was looking in the wrong places too.

Monday, March 30, 2009

Messy Easter Bunny

Poor Easter Bunny been working hard getting those Easter eggs colored for the children that he made a big mess. LOL

paper: wal mart brand
color: Bic mark-it set
the eggs are a clip art that I downloaded and added color
the Design of the card is from a .cut file that Ruth so nicely shared (Thank you Ruth)

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Phoenix Crafts Blog Candy ALERT

Check out Jennifer Phoenix Crafts she is giving away some cool items. Good luck to everyone that enters for the blog candy.

Here's a list of the goodies:
9 Copic Ciao Markers RV10, RV02, RV04, R20, R29, R32, BG01, BG09, BG23
10 sheets of various Basic Grey paper 12x12
3 rolls of ribbon
Basic Grey Key Plate Album
X Cut corner rounder punch 5mm
Daisy D's Hinges in copper and patina
Stampers Anonymous Ornate Collages Stamps
Tim Holtz Distress Ink Pad in Milled Lavender and matching Distress Powder
Sizzlit Medium Die - owl w/branch
Sizzix Embossing folder - diamonds
Various Prima flowers

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

New Card

posted to the Birthday Cards Blog go Check it out I was playing around with my Cricut Expression and decided to make this for my step mother.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Added a Card

to my birthday Blog, hope on over there to check it out

Started another

Blog just for Birtdays I am so bad about getting these done and out on time feel free to check it out here;

Birthday Cards & LOs Blog

Hope to be adding pictures of my birthday cards soon.
Happy Scrappin'

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Scrap 4 Fun has got blog candy

Here is what she has to say, I happen to come across her blog by checking up on some of my fav. links I like to visit since getting back on the world wide web and can't believe I missed this, glad I found it now. Go check her out she does beautiful work.

here is the link to her blog:

or click on title it should take you to her blog.

On February 28, I was updating my Google account, yes! updating, and I pressed the wrong key. I pressed the delete key and lost my blog. After probably 50 attempts to contact Google and Blogger via e-mail, phone, forums,.....everything possible, they have NOT reply and I don't think they ever will... Oh well!!!, Life goes on, and after crying almost all night that Friday, silently, cause DH couldn't understand my pain and sorrow... (I KNOW YOU BLOGGERS DO {wink}), I woke up with a very positive attitude and started a NEW blog all over again. Luckily I was able to save all January and February text from MyFreeCopyright, and didn't take long to upload again with pictures and all.
One of the reasons I have a blog is to share my work with my cyber friends... YOU...yes, YOU!!!, make it all worth it... and my big come back is just because of YOUR help and support and that's why I am offering a YUMMY BLOG CANDY to one lucky winner!!! the only thing you have to do is:

Write a comment here by March 31 for a chance to win... only one comment per person please..., and YES! I will ship anywhere in the world. :) YIPPY!!
Post a link of my blog candy in your blog, or any other scrap place on the web if you do not have a blog. (write the link where I can find the post, please.)
Follow my blog. ("ONLY IF" you like my work... I know many of you may not like my style, and that's perfectly understood, you still have a chance to win!)
I will post the winner on APRIL FIRST so make sure to come back and check if you are the winner.
If I do not hear from the winner after 5 days, I will go for a second random pick... so please make sure to stay alert to the announcement.
GOOD LUCK EVERYONE!!! Let's see who is going to be the lucky winner.... :)

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

What have I been up to

I have been getting my scrapping area the way I want it, it is going ok but just wish I had more room. I also am making some Birthday cards, my Dad's and step-Mom's B-day is coming up. Oh why do I do this to myself and wait until the last minute to get this done, because I have to put things off to the last minute. I want to change that this year. I would like to have everything done on time or way before they need to be done.
I have both Cricut personal and the cricut expression and also the design studio, I am learning or should I say trying to learn how to use the cricut expression and DS these are new to me I have had the personal cricut for over a year maybe 2 now and loved that one but now it sets in its box because I have no room for both being out.

Well have a nice night and will try and post the cards in a day or two.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Wanted to share some

The Christmas Cards I made at an SU class. I had fun making these and I might go to a couple more Christmas Card classes before the end of the year, I don't think I will go every month for the Christmas card class because I don't know that many people to send them to. Being a stay at home mom I don't get out much. I think maybe 2 or 3 more classes and that will be it. You make 5 cards 2 each and you leave with 10 cards.

And here are 3 ATC I made, just playing around, thought they turned out alright.

My Son's

birthday was yesterday, he is now 6 yrs old, and in our house as long as they are not nasty about it they are the boss for the day, which he dearly loved.
I had to break up an old dresser for I could put it into the trash can, well I didn't have to do anything because he told me it was his job and he wanted to do so I let him have at it. He had so much fun hammering and breaking it apart and sooo darn cut do it. My job after he was done was to pick it all up and boy did he let me know if I missed something. He went behind me and pointed out everything down to the littlest thing and told me I missed something and it needed to be picked up. He will make a good boss one day, LOL.