Friday, May 22, 2009

Got some new Cartridges

for my cricut yesterday. Stretch your Imagination and Home Accents. A total of 16 cartridges so far. Can't wait to use them. It seems like I got more font cartridges then anything else. So I have decided to stop buying cartridges with fonts, unless they have shapes as well on there as well and it is something that I want really bad enough, lol. I know there are people out there that have more then what I have, but I am very picky with what I get and I have to see the cart. in action before I decide to get that one cartridge, so it is mainly old hat for others. I have gotten a few that I never seen in action before but I did not pick them out, Danny, my other half picked them out saying that I need that one. Which he is a sweetheart for always buying me what I want.

Enough rattling for now going to go play with my carts. LOL

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