Sunday, May 24, 2009

My Son

Gave the card I made away before I could take a picture of it to post. So I have to make another one but you know it won't be the same. I love my son to pieces but he thinks that every card I make is his and he can do anything he wants to with it. Sometimes I don't have time to do anything with them, he over runs my cards. I am so glad he likes them but still I wish he would leave them alone and make is own, I even make extra cuts and stamp extra stuff for him that way he can make a card himself but 90% of the time he won't make one he has to have mine, he is just toooooo funny. 6 yrs old and so full of himself it isn't funny. Oh well I will just have to make my cards when he isn't here and hide them when he is, LOL.

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The Country Rose said...

That is too funny about your son snatching your cards, lol! At least you know that he really likes the cards that you make and has an appreciation for their specialness :).