Monday, May 4, 2009

Mother's Day Cards

I have been working on some Mother's Cards this weekend. Nothing fancy but everyone that I gave them to loved them. I still have one to give and three to make. I like giving Mother's Day cards out to my sisters and other Mothers that I know. I believe in celebrating Mother's Day together with all Mother's. I don't see why just the kids in our lives are the only ones that has to give the cards out.

This one was for our neighbor, my kids love her and her husband such sweet people. She just a beautiful baby girl in Feb. and thought it would be nice to give a Mother's Day card as well.
(Thanks JenC. for the .cut file)

This one is for Danny's Mom and done also for the BBTB challenge. I really hope she likes it. She is the one of the ones I still have to give a card to.

This one is for my Aunt and she loved this one also.
(Thank you JenC. for the .cut file)

This one is for my ex mother inlaw. She loved it also.
(Again Thank you so much for the .cut file JenC. )

inside of card

This one is my own Mother's card and boy did she love it. I really love seeing her face when I make a card for her she is almost like a kid in a candy store.
(Thanks goes out to ScrappedLives Bouquet .cut file)

This went to my SIL for her first Mother's day even though she is still prego (man is this baby ever going to get here) I thought she needed one as well and she thought it was so sweet and really pretty. I am so glad she liked it also.
(Thanks go out to JenC. as well for this .cut file I really love these ladies they are sooooo cute.)


Regina Easter said...

omg...........awesome cards....

mommaidwf said...

Great cards Tammy! I love them too!

Jennifer Pellegrino said...

the cards are soo chic! love them all!

Enfys said...

Wow Tammy, these are fantastic

Viv said...

Beautiful cards here Tammy. It was so special of you to make cards for other mothers in your life. Really thoughtful.
Hugs Viv xx