Friday, January 21, 2011

Feeling Under

the weather here. Picked up the kids from school yesterday and she was running 100.1 temp, poor baby. She wouldn't take no medicine for she was afraid that the medicine would not stay down. So I gave her a cool rag for her head and the fever spiked to 101.1 for about one hour and then started going down. This morning she doesn't have the fever but is aching a little all over still. The darn 24 hr flu bug stinks if you ask me, now I have the cough and oh man do I not like that as well. I get over heated and I start coughing and can't seem to stop until I can cool down. Oh well life goes on no matter if you are sick or not. This is the first time Dina has been sick all year though, everyone else has gotten sick in the house but her. Really she hasn't been sick with a cold or flu for 2 yrs just everyone else in the house has. It amazed me that last year when Kodie got sick for a week and then after he got to feeling better I got sick for a week and the Danny was sick for a week after me that Dina did not get sick at all. I was so jealous of her for not getting sick (even though I was happy that she didn't), I was like what the heck I want on her side of the barrier I don't want to be sick, lol.

Well that is it for right now, will try to post something later.

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