Sunday, January 2, 2011

Learn to Love

That is what we are learning in Sunday school today, this is what I have been trying to teach my kids. They are not allowed to use that "H" word in my house, they can use I dislike something or I don't like that. I am a firm believer that the only way to stop "hate" is at the home front, so I try my best to do this. Its not easy but I try. I tell them that it is best to stay away from someone that you cannot get along with then hang around them even if you have friends that like that person and to never talk bad about that person even if that person talks bad about you. My Daughter has some friends that are also friends with this other girl, this other girl does not like Dina (my Daughter) one bit, has threaten to punch Dina in the face has said nasty things about Dina and they have had a few arguments that the girl got moved out of Dina's class because the girl always starts the arguments with Dina. But as far as I know and from what I am told by her teachers Dina does not make her friends choose who they should hang out with just because them two can not get along. And I am so proud of Dina for this and also for sticking up for herself this year, she has been bullied all through school and for once Dina isn't backing down from the bullies. This is the first year that I have had to go to school because Dina won't or hasn't backed down. Dina is in the 8th grade and I have been going to her school at least 6 to 12 times a school year to get the bulling to stop, but it seems that the school does not care, last year my daughter had her life threaten, a boy threatened to slit her throat and they did not do anything about it and I think that was Dina's last straw with the bullies. She doesn't fight them but she doesn't back down now more either so far this year it has just been that one girl that has been bulling her. The most funny thing about it is they use to be friends, don't know what went wrong there, have my ideas but still that is only ideas. Well anyways Dina still likes her but stays away from her but stays away because she doesn't want to fight.

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