Monday, January 17, 2011


Got those pictures taken and wanting to share with you what I made at Cathy's Stampin' Up workshop this past Friday. I had fun getting away from the house for a few hours at least and doing something I like also. A lip balm purse, a gift box, a hand sanitizer box holder and a post-it note holder. (This post-it note holder looks a whole lot better then the first one I made lol.)

Here is what my son Kodie found on our steps before I had to get ready to leave for the workshop that evening. I ordered this the day before and was so surprised to see that it was delivered so fast. Only one thing was on back order and that was the Gypsy Screen Protectors.

(Not photo here is the 12x12 Cricut Cutting Mats and the Gypsy Vehicle Power Supply cord and of course the screen protectors)

These are 3 of the Cartridges that Danny had gotten me as well can not wait to use these as well.
There is a lot more of the Cricut Lites I want and it seems I will have to go searching because I can not seem to ever find them all at the same Wal-Mart.
Well I am off to see what I can learn about the Gypsy.

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The Country Rose said...

Those are way cute Tammy!!!