Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Trying to figure out

the School system here. Just don't understand what the school official who decides on if there should be a snow day or not. Yesterday in the early morning snow moved in and we got a few inches, side roads were slick, I slid through a stop sign (which is the first time since I was a kid just learning to drive) thank goodness no one was coming. There was no cancellations here in Franklin county. Which is OK but right before Christmas break they canceled school and the roads were clear no slick spots that I could find, that week was my busiest week had a lot of Dr. appointments, my kids and myself, so I was out on side roads and the main roads a lot that week. Well what I am trying to get at is that what is going through their heads when deciding if there should be school and when there shouldn't when it snows. Some one said it is because it isn't a Monday or a Friday which I'm starting to agree with that person because it was a Monday and a Thursday and Friday right before Christmas break when they called off school for bad road conditions and the roads were clean compared to what they were yesterday and today.

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